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Holy whaaat! I have been trying to figure out how to write down my daily goals - which often include writing and voice acting ones among the life ones. But I didn't work out having a way to separate out the 'life' tasks and allow myself to defer what is needed so I CAN prioritize craft! I appreciate this and you!

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Free printable to organize my thoughts, my day, my writing? With checkboxes?? (swoon) Yes, thank you!

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Congrats on your speaking engagement at the Austin Film Festival!

I remember my first time at AFF. I was so intimidated, because I didn't know a soul.

But then, I was amazed at how awesome everyone was. I felt right at home. Like I'd found my people. :)

Have a great time! I wish I were going now. So I could high-five you. :)

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Oh, Sarah! Thank you!! It is so easy for me to get lost in that list of "things to do," which often leaves me too tired and uninspired to sit down and be creative. Sometimes, I find myself going two weeks without taking the time to do what I love most — writing! Your personal worksheet (and free pdf!!) seems like a fantastic tool to help remind me that I need to prioritize my creativity and place it on that list of "things to do." I am so going to download this pdf and start keeping a writing journal. Thanks for the inspiration and thank you for sharing this worksheet! Happy writing to you, Lisa

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